Valve Adjustment - 1991 Toyota Tercel
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Danny Beardsley
2005-05-02 22:48:09 UTC
I just adjusted the valves on my car and was wondering if anybody else
who has done this on an older tercel like mine could give me some

The rocker arms have small downward metal protrusions on either side of
the valve stem that prevent the rocker from slipping off sideways.
Unfortunately, this also prevents me from sticking a normal feeler
gauge between the rocker and the valve stem. So I'm forced to do the
measurements between the rocker and the cam instead. This point is
closer to the rocker pivot point so the measurements are smaller. As
per my calculations, the measurement between the rocker arm and the cam
should be about 57% of the measurement between the rocker and the valve
stem. The reccommended clearance for all valves is 0.008" so I did my
best to adjust them so there is a clearance of 0.0045" between the
rocker and the cam. I was also told to adjsut the exhaust valves a
little loose, so I adjusted them to 0.006", which translates to about
0.010" at the valve stem.

My Chiltons manual said to measure 0.008" where the valve stem meets
the rocker, but I can't measure there so I was forced to do it as
described. Has anybody done this before? Did I do the right thing?
2018-06-15 02:18:03 UTC
replying to Danny Beardsley, mcmike wrote:
I've had the same question for several years.

for full context, visit https://www.motorsforum.com/toyota/valve-adjustment-1991-toyota-tercel-6809-.htm
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